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MEET the Founder & Author

Chenna is a writer, mental health advocate, and Family Medicine Nurse Practitioner based out of Houston, Texas. With over eight years in the field of medicine, Chenna combines her love of science and the promotion of mental wellness through her writings of short stories, children’s books, and memoirs.


Chenna cultivates her love for self-care by displaying what it means to be holistically healthy. Her advocacy of fitness, lifestyle modifications, faith in God, and promotion of cognitive-behavioral therapy sit at the core of her well-being.


Chenna’s knowledge of mental health and family medicine is attributed to her master’s degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and clinical work with the underserved populations in the DFW and Houston metroplex areas.  


Committing to the campaign of self-love and development, Chenna’s debut book, “The L’z of Life: A Millennial Memoir, brings forth the curiosities of life and the meanings behind them.


Through a series of short stories, Chenna takes readers on a journey through the L’z she’s encountered in life. To shed light on the outlook of an everyday millennial while encouraging readers to embrace and define their own L’z.


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