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A Millennial Memoir

Check out the newest book reminding millennials that you cannot control the day, but you can control your outlook.


About "The L'z of Life"

Most people assume that millennials have not experienced enough of life to complain about it – but I would beg to differ. No matter what generation you enter this world in, your perspective is unique and your choice to define it is necessary.


The L’z of Life: A Millennial Memoir, is a humorous yet poetic approach to the curiosities of life and the meanings behind them. In seven short relatable real-life accounts, readers embark on a journey through the ever-so-evolving mind of an average millennial to answer one question.


What are the L’z of Life?

 If you read this title and decoded that it signifies loss or lessons… this book is for you.


If you came across this title and the first thought that crossed your mind was laughter or love… this book is totally not for you.


I am just joking, it’s for you too!


Each generation has some level of commonalities that are significant. In this book, you will be able define the answer to that very question as you discover that L’z may be less daunting than they appear. Because… you have the choice to shape the meaning. So, whether it is a summation of the lessons learned or the moments that molded you. The pit stop of introspection and nostalgia is a page away.

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